“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” - Charles De Gaulle

Who am I?

I was born in Michigan on April 26th 1986, the same day as the Chernobyl accident. I graduated high school in 2004 where I focused on electronics and math. After high school I got accepted to attend Kettering University. Kettering was formerly known as GMI or General Motors Institute. I graduated from Kettering in December of 2008 with a major in Electrical Engineering, one class short of a Computer Engineering minor. After going to Kettering for a year I married my high school sweet heart Laura. We were wed on June 11th 2005, and as of today we have one wonderful daughter.

What am I into?

Well I'm into video games. I mostly play first person shooters. Stuff like Halo, Half-Life, Doom, Borderlands. I was into RPGs in high school but I don't have any time to play long games like that any more. I've picked up alot of 360 game recently, Fable 2, Resident Evil, Boarderlands, Dante's Inferno, Star Wars the Force Unleashed.

Other than that I have tons of side projects that I for fun. Starting in high school I started creating AMVs using Dragonball Z videos. I have several electric projects, just tinkering around mostly.

I do make random programs which serve little to no purpose. Over the years I've worked on mlti-boot system rescue DVD. This DVD has a huge list of software on it, and several pieces of software for system resuce.

This site sucks

Yeah I know. You see I don't know much HTML or PHP or any thing about web design. If you didn't realize it yet this site has been taken from a template. And it seems that every cool new thing I find out that HTML can do I like to implament it. Just look up and you'll see a random quote generator, and a random picture generator. Why did I throw a random picture generator? Because I thought it was cool. The pictures that it shows will be pictures that are relavent to me, things I'm into. Halo, Half-Life, Computer stuff. The quotes are just things that I find funny.

Contact Info

If for some reason you want to get a hold of me there are several ways to talk to me. I have a Myspace, Gmail, Youtube, Gtalk, Facebook, no Twitter yet.

Email: Brian@Brian-Hoover.com

Linkedin: Linkedin

Facebook: Facebook

YouTube: YouTube

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