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PID to Path

This application is a command line program I made which can tell you the full path to a EXE that is running, if you provide the Processor ID (PID) of the application. The easiest way to get the PID of an application is to run the task manager (press CTRL + Shift + Escape). In Windows Vista, and 7 it should have the PID in a column, but in XP you need to click View >> Select Columns, and choose PID.


Run "PID to Path.exe" in a command line window and it will return the following:

Usage: PIDtoPath.exe ####
Will return the full path to the EXE who has the PID ####

Typing in a PID that doesn't exist will return an error. Typing in a PID that does exist will return the full path to the EXE in the command window.


The source and executable are included in the zip. Remember that if you are going to compile the source you need to select Console in the compiler program or else the resulting EXE won't work in a command line.

Download Source/Executable

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