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Alien Attack Game Program

Here is a Alien Attack Game that I created when I was first learning LabVIEW. I made a similar game with an electronic kit when I was in High School. The basic idea is that Aliens are attacking the earth and the only way to save us is to press F1 F2 or F3 to neutralize the bombs from the mother ship. Run the program, and when you see that the bomb is going for the left press F1 and wait for it to reach the bottom, then the game speeds up until all of humanity is lost.

I do have some bad news, I can't seem to find the source cod for my Aliens Attack Game. As a result I have found some previous revisions of source code. None of it is completelly ready to go, but I figured if any one is interested in how to make a game similar to the Alien Attack game you're welcome to take a look at the pieces it took to get there. The code that is available looks and runs like crap so don't expect much but its better than nothing. If nothing else at least you can play a quick game until you lose.


Executable\Alien Attack.exe Compiled Windows Binary requires lvsound.dll for sound.

Executable\Nosoundalienattack.exe Compiled Windows Binary, no sound support.

Executable\lvsound.dll LabVIEW library needed for sound support.

Source\Aliens Attack.vi

Source\Aliens sub.vi

Source\Aliens sub2.vi

Source\better aliens.vi

Source\Get Random Number Range.vi Sub-VI which generates a random number within a given range.


The Download comes in 2 flavors, the first is the one you should download if you don't know what to download. It includes the source and program, with the 7.1 run time so you can run the executable without having to install any thing. Just run the exe in the Executable folder.

Download Alien Attack Program

The second flavor is you can download the executable with the source, but no run time, you can download the run time seperatly. This is incase you already have the run time engine and don't want to download it again. If you already have the LabVIEW 7.1 runtime engine just download the executable, and put it in the folder with the 7.1 run time engine. Place it in the same folder as the LVShellExt.dll file (along with all the others).

Download Alien Attack (No Run Time)

LabVIEW 7.1 Run-Time Engine (no install)

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