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File Renaming Program

Here is a File Renameing program, with this program you can rename files or directories recursively or not. This program has features such as creating a filter for files, or directories or both. After setting up a filter this program will allow you to insert characters at the beginning of files, at the end, remove characters fromt he beginning, or end, search and replace, and change file extension. On top of being able to perform these actions you can perform them one after another.

After the steps have been adjusted so the example output is satisfactory, the user can then rename the files. The user has the option to create an unname file which allows for the files to be un named, then unnamed again and again. There is also an option to create a batch file which will rename the files and directories when it is ran. There is no unname option with the batch file.


Executable\File Renamer.exe Compiled Windows Binary

Source\Main.vi Main VI which renames files.

Source\Controls\Add.ctl Control which is an add button.

Source\Controls\Down.ctl Control which is a down button.

Source\Controls\Edit.ctl Control which is an edit button.

Source\Controls\Remove.ctl Control which is a remove button.

Source\Controls\Up.ctl Control which is an up button.

Source\Renaming\BatchFile.vi Sub-VI creates the batch file.

Source\Renaming\Renaming.vi Sub-VI which renames files.

Source\Renaming\Unname.vi Sub-VI which unnames files.

Source\String Manipulation\Change Extension.vi Sub-VI which changes the file extension of files.

Source\String Manipulation\Delete Befinning.vi Sub-VI which removes characters from the beginning of files.

Source\String Manipulation\Delete End.vi Sub-VI which removes characters from the end of file names.

Source\String Manipulation\Example Output.vi Sub-VI which creates the example output before renaming the files.

Source\String Manipulation\Find Replace.vi Sub-VI which finds and replaces characters in the file names.

Source\String Manipulation\Insert Beginning.vi Sub-VI which inserts characters at the beginning of file names.

Source\String Manipulation\Insert End.vi Sub-VI which removes characters from the end of file names.

Source\User Interface\Add Method.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the user to add methods.

Source\User Interface\Delete Beginning UI.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the Delete from Beginning method.

Source\User Interface\Delete End UI.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the Delete from End method.

Source\User Interface\File Extension UI.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the Change File Extension method.

Source\User Interface\Filter.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the Create a filter section.

Source\User Interface\FilterSub.vi Sub-VI which is a sub component for the Filter.vi.

Source\User Interface\Find Replace UI.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the Find and Replace method.

Source\User Interface\Insert Beginning UI.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the Insert at the Beginning method.

Source\User Interface\Insert End UI.vi Sub-VI which provides a UI for the Insert at the End method.


The Download comes in 2 flavors, the first is the one you should download if you don't know what to download. It includes the source and program, with the 7.1 run time so you can run the executable without having to install any thing. Just run the exe in the Executable folder.

Download File Renamer Program

The second flavor is you can download the executable with the source, but no run time, you can download the run time seperatly. This is incase you already have the run time engine and don't want to download it again. If you already have the LabVIEW 7.1 runtime engine just download the executable, and put it in the folder with the 7.1 run time engine. Place it in the same folder as the LVShellExt.dll file (along with all the others).

Download File Renamer (No Run Time)

LabVIEW 7.1 Run-Time Engine (no install)

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