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LabVIEW Code Repository

This is my LabVIEW Code Repository page dedicated to all my LabVIEW code. Most of the code you'll find here isn't going to be very useful, it is made up of code I've made when trying to learn new concepts, or code that performs a useful operation. In either case the source is available for almost all projects, so you can see how I did what I did, and you can take those concepts into your own LabVIEW applications. Below you will find a table with all my LabVIEW code.

LabVIEW Code Repository
Project Description
Alien Attack GameThis is an early game I made to help me understand how to code in LabVIEW.
Clock ProgramThis is a clock program which shows how to draw a clock based on the time. It shows hours minutes and seconds of a user specified time, or the system clock.
Custom Clock ProgramThis is little more than a custom control that has a clock interface. Not much to see here other than importing a picture for a dial control.
Draw Random HeartsThis program will draw a random number of hearts in random locations to make a kind of Valentines day picture. It shows some more drawing techniques, and uses similar colors between hearts.
Drawing ExampleThis is my favorite drawing example. With it you can draw a random picture with buildings, a sky, and lightening. It takes a little work to get the settings right, but when you do it looks kinda cool for a random picture.
Hand GameThis is a hand game that me and my friends would play when we were waiting for class to start. It is normally 2+ player but this has a computer playing as the other so it can be played alone.
LabVIEW Tray LauncherThis is my LabVIEW Tray Launcher, this helps manage how files are opened when there are multiple LabVIEW versions installed. It also adds a way to start any version, kill any version, restart any version, and abort VIs that are running, from the system tray.
MD5Sum ProgramThis is a very basic MD5 program. There are several better ones out there, and you can't learn much from this example, but even so here it is. It will tell the MD5 of a file that you browse to.
Rename Files and FoldersThis program can rename files/directories or both in a programatical fashion. It can also generate a batch file to do it in a command line. You can setup steps and perform renaming operations one after another.
Stickman ProgramThis is a drawing program to help understand drawing techniques in LabVIEW. This was made when I didn't know much about LabVIEW so it may be a bad example.
Variable Reader WriterThis program helps you read or write system level variables which are normally seen when typing "Set" into a command line.

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