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BartPE AIO Program

BartPE is cool, but it needs to run off the CD. I don't like this because what if a computer crashes? Use BartPE right? You would boot to BartPE get files off the hard drive and burn them to a CD right? What if your computer only has one CD drive, it's being used by BartPE, so now what? The solution is to use the CD to load BartPE into RAM, then you can remove the CD, and put a blank CD in for burning. This makes BartPE load faster, and respond better too. Previously making a BartPE compilation load into RAM from a CD was a little difficult. For that reason I created BartPE AIO (all in one) This program runs the user through the steps to create a BartPE compilation, reduce the size of the compilation, then go about loading it into RAM. Since this was created it has become mostly obsolete, as a result I am releasing the source code. The latest version was 1.4.

How to Use BartPE AIO

Download the zip file below, then execute autorun.exe. Hopefully the rest should be self explanitory, just follow the directions. Step 1 Creates the BartPE directory. Step 2 Reduces the size of that BartPE folder by deleting some bulk. Step 3 Creates the two ISOs. Step 4 is for testing of the ISO with Qemu, or burning of the ISO.

Source Code You Say?

Yes I said that since this project is getting old, and out dated, so I planed on releasing the source but I can't seem to find it. It's not all that important just go download the latest Winbuilder and you'll be happy you did.


If you just want to try out BartPE AIO then just download the Binary. If you plan on playing around with the source code download the source, you'll need Auto Play Media Studio 6.0 to do any thing with it.

Download BartPE AIO Binary Program

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