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Code Repository

This is my Code Repository page dedicated to all my projects dealing with programming. I wanted to make this page so that others could see all the random stuff I've done, and benefit fromt he code I've developed. Below you will find a table with categories for code.

Code Repository
Language/Category Description
AutoitAutoit is a scripting language used in Windows to perform quick and dirty tasks. Autoit can be compiled into a commandline EXE, and ran without needing to install anything.
BartPEBartPE is used as a system rescue, and can boot into a Windows like operating system, from a burned CD.
LabVIEWLabVIEW is a programing language primarily used in DAQ systems, but can be used as a general purpose language within Windows, Linux, or Mac.
OtherThis is all the other programming stuff I've done that doesn't really fit into a category. This is mostly things I've tried and then never used again.
PHPPHP is the programming language that basically scripts HTML pages. If you didn't notice this website was made with PHP. Here's some of the things I've learned while making this site.

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