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What is a Multi-Boot CD/DVD?

If you put in the Windows XP CD into your computer and reboot, most likely the Windows installer will start running. This CD has a special boot sector that the computer will execute when your computer is booting up. A Multi-Boot disk gives you multiple options when your computer boots the disk. Like for instance you can install XP, or install VISTA, or install Windows 98, or run some system restore program.

How do you select what is booted?

A Multi-boot disk needs a way to allow the user to select what to boot. There are plenty of options out there but I'm going to mention three, and focus in on my favorite. While I have used all three I'm not an expert in any one. So if you email me asking how to do some feature in it I might not know the answer. Please visit the sites given for troubleshooting.


Very easy to use and basic, also not very pretty.



Kinda small, most linux distros use this. Allows the use of 16 color pictures, and cheat codes.


CD Shell

My personal favorite, which I will discuss more. Allows high quality pictures, and many more cool features.

Lets See Some Examples

The example I'm going to show are based off of CD Shell. As I mentioned before I have used Diskem1x and Isolinux but I prefer CD Shell because of its customization.



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