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Ah yes, DVD decryption on the fly need I say more? AnyDVD is not free but it worth it. I don't buy much software but I used this one enough that I thought it was worth buying. It comes with a 30 day try which is unrestricted so at least try it out if you have some DVDs, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs, or CDs that just won't rip.

What's So Great About It?

So what it dycrypts DVDs. What's so great about that? Isn't there free software for ripping a DVD? Yes, DVD Decrypter is a piece of free software that can take a ripped DVD that is on your hard drive and remove the copyright protection. But you need to first rip the DVD to your hard drive, then decrypt it, then you can play it. With AnyDVD it happens on the fly. You put in a DVD movie, and Windows sees the disk as a data disk, having no protection. And another thing is that DVD Decrypter hasn't been updated since 2005 and can't decrypt all new DVDs.

Slysoft also has a HD version of AnyDVD that can decrypt HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray movies in the same way it does for DVDs. If you've ever tried playing a Blu-ray movie in the PC you know it's a pain. To play a DVD you need to have certain PC requirements, having so much RAM and Processor power but also you need to have a HDCP connection to your monitor. that means even if your computer is powerful enough, but you are using a VGA connection you won't be able to watch the movie. With AnyDVD HD it just appears as a data movie and VLC, or Windows Media Player Classic can play it.

Decryption and Playing so What?

On top of decrypting AnyDVD (both HD and non HD) can rip the disk to your computer without needing any other software, just right click the tray icon and select rip. Then it can be converted to a smaller H264 version, using any video converting program (Super, and HandBrake and great free choices).

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