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You ever have some data that needs protecting? Ever need to some plausable deniability? TrueCrypt can do that and more. It's basically a program that can encrypt your whole hard drive, or just a container. If your whole system in encrypted then you can't access any files until the password has been entered. This means Windows won't even boot without it. So lets say your laptop gets stolen. If the theif takes the hard drive out of the computer, and puts it in another one, and looks at the files on th drive, they won't be able to see anything because it is encrypted. Now the theif can wipe the drive and use it for his own but the data on it is safe.

Container Encryption

So lets say you don't want to encrypt your whole hard drive, lets just say you have a few files that are private, or restricted. then you can make a container and encrypt that. Then you boot into Windows like normal, but you need a password to mount a virtual harddrive which contains all of your private data.

Open Source? Is that safe?

So yeah TrueCrypt is an open source application. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It is bad because hackers can look at the source code and try to find exploits in the application to try to find the password to your data. The good part about being open source is that any bugs or exploits can be patched quickly and easily because there are a team of coders who work on this project because they enjoy it. A lot of the encryption techniques that are used by TrueCrypte are the toughest available, and are used by government agencies.

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