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Ultimate Programs

This is a page dedicated to all the cool programs on the web that I think are worth downloading and sometimes worth buying. I will try to recommend the free alternative to software but sometimes there isn't one.

Ultimate Programs
Programs Description
Any DVDCommercial software, decrypts DVD/CD/Blu-Ray/HDDVD's on the fly. Very handy if you have a Netflix account. This is definitely worth buying even if they changed to a subscription based license.
Classic ShellClassic Shell is an application that has several neet features like, adding a folder up button, replacing the start menu, and replacing the copy dialog box in Windows 7.
TrueCryptOpen Source encryption software. It allows you to create a virtual drive which is encrypted to store all your sensitive data. It can also encrypt your whole hard drive, or a partition, with several levels of plausible deniability.
UltraMonUltraMon is a shareware program ($40 for a license) that is a great tool for anyone with multiple monitors, adding a second task bar, adding shortcuts, monitor moving features, wallpaper/screen saver management between monitors profiles, hotkeys and more.

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