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Broly Movie 8

The Wiki page for the Broly Movie is found here. Broly is a "Legendary Super-Saiyan" who can raise his power level when ever he feels like it.

Demon Hunter - Infected

The song used is called Infected, from a band named Demon Hunter. The Wiki page is found here. If you enjoy the song, feel free to look up some of their other songs.

My Video

This was my very first video I ever made. I got the inspiration watching a final fantasy music video some one made. I hadn't played many final fantasy games but he did a very good job.

In any case the video is all of DBZ Movie 8 which is Broly the Legendary Super Sayjin. The song is by Demon Hunter, the song is called Infected. I got the song from my mom quite a while ago. This is the only song I've every heard by of Demon Hunter and its very metalish.


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