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Dragonball Z Videos

I've made several Dragonball Zmusic videos so far. Not all of the ones I've made are available online, a few of them suck, I mean really suck. I basically made them in attempts to get better at making videos, they were like my ways of trying new things. So as a result I have two videos which I try not to show people. Other than those two, all my videos are available for download, and they are on Youtube. You're welcome to download and view my videos as much as you like. If you have any comments or suggestions please make comments on the corresponding youtube page. If you don't have a youtube account and don't want to get one, you're also welcome to send me an email at Brian@Brian-Hoover.com

My DBZ Videos
Video Description
Bojack - SkilletBojack is the bad guy with a three minions, and Gohan must save the world again. Taken from DBZ movie 9, with the audio from Skillet's song Alien Youth.
Broly - Demon HunterThis was the first AMV I made. It is a little rough around the edges, but it still holds up for the most part. The video is DBZ movie 8, the audio is a band called Demon Hunter and this is their song Infected.
Broly 2 - UnlocoThis video was taken from DBZ movie 10, with the audio by a band named Unloco, with their song Bruises. I never liked this movie but the video came out okay.
Coolers Revenge - Evens BlueThis video is using movie number 5. The audio is from a band called Even's Blue, with their song Cold. Again I wasn't too big of a fan of this movie, and maybe that's why I'm not a big fan of the video.
Dead Zone - CadetThis video is from the first DBZ movie. The song is Nobody by Cadet. Not the kind of song you expect to use for an AMV but I was experimenting, and I think this video is alright, but not one of my favorites.
Eternally GokuThe song is Vicarious by Tool, the video is several episodes from the T.V. show. I like this video, other than it is so long, and I think people get board by the end of it. Even so there are some good fights, enjoy.
Goku Vs Vegeta - AnimalThe song is Animal by Three Days Grace, the video is episodes 212-216 in the T.V. series. I like this video and it came out fine, but I think I like Goku Vs. Vegeta Part 2 better.
Goku Vs Vegeta Part 2 - PainThe song is Pain, by Three Days Grace, and the video from episodes 213-223 in the T.V. series. I really like how this video came out. There are things I would like to change but I think you get a lot of good action, with a song that rocks.
Return of Cooler - 3 Doors DownThe song is By My Side, by Three Doors Down, and the video is from movie 6, The Return of Cooler. This is one of my favorites. The song fit really well, both the lyrics, and the tempo/beat. "This may be the last time you will stand by my side", kinda making you think that Vegeta and Goku may die during this fight. Enjoy.
Super Android - Thousand Foot KrutchThe song is Move, by Thousand Foot Krutch, and the video is Movie 7 Super Android 13. I like this one but the ending should have been shorter, and I wish there was something else I could have done for the transformation other than cut out the music. But other than that I like it. You have drinking robots, and crotch punching what else could you want?
Worlds Strongest - Get It FasterSong is Get It Faster, by Jimmy Eat World, and the video is from Movie 2 The Worlds Strongest. Not one of my favorites. It has its moments, but overall I could have been better. This is one of the only videos I've made that ends when the music ends. Not saying that's a good thing or bad.

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